[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r12794 by jarod

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Thu Feb 15 02:40:30 UTC 2007

> How about:
> 	- Trunk gets "trunk.YYYYMMDD-x" or something.
> 	- Branches get some appropriate branch-specific value when
> 	  they are branched from trunk.

I like that it clearly marks trunk as different (experimental).

My ideal schema would be:
tags/release-0-20		"0.20"
branches/release-0-20-fixes	"0.20" then "0.20.20070124-1"
trunk				"trunk.20070124-1"
so it is obvious a release version is being used.
But maybe that is needlessly elevating the
status of a release over a fixes branch?
Plus, it causes extra work when the tag is created.

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