[mythtv] Updated patch for directshow filters with MythTV (for CoreAVC)

Alan Nisota alannisota at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 02:42:32 UTC 2007

Alan Nisota wrote:
> It appears that the VirtualAlloc is failing.  This has nothing to do 
> with the # of CPUs but does have to do with your CPU type and compile 
> options.  All I can say is compile with debug enabled, then startup 
> mythfrontend inside gdb and set a breakpoint at ext.c:445
> Then step through and find out where it fails.  If you get a 
> stack-trace before you get to the breakpoint, give me a 'bt' but I'd 
> be surprised if that were the case.  The VirtualAlloc function changed 
> significantly between the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of my patch.
I forgot to add, you'll get a break because of the clone() call 
(depending on your gdb options, this may not happen).  Once you select a 
recording which starts CoreAVC you should get a break in VirtualAlloc 
(due to the breakpoint I told you to add).  If you can get past that 
(which you probably can't based on the logs), you'll get a segmentation 
fault that looks like:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x100bd887 in ?? ()

This is normal.  you just need to 'continue'.  This is a triggered 
segfault used to swap the compressed image with the uncompressed one, 
and is one of the nastier sides of PECompact2.   The SEGV will be caught 
and handled properly by the relevant handler in this case so it is a red 
herring as far as crashes go.

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