[mythtv] "A", "An", and "The" for sorting - ticket 3048

Chris Hamilton chamilton at cs.dal.ca
Tue Feb 13 12:51:34 UTC 2007

> If you don't mind not being able to jump to a movie whose title begins with a
> digit, you could allow both:  if you enter a digit, you jump to the appropriate
>  percentage of the way through the list; if you hit a letter, you jump to the
> first entry beginning with that letter.

How about something like the following, where you have a search term at
the top of the list.  You use up and down to to scroll through letters
and numbers (and pgup/pgdn to jump through them). Once you have a letter
selected you press the right arrow and it will allow you to enter the
next letter.  As each letter is entered, the list below presents you
only with those titles that match the prefix (likely a matching
algorithm that considers only letters and numbers is appropriate,
ignoring punctuation and symbols).

Then, you have some other button to swap between the search term dialog
and the results list.  When in the results list, using 0-9 could do the
jump to 'percentage' thing if you wanted, while up/down pgup/pgdn would
act as expected.

The program finder and music browser could likely also benefit from such
 a system.  Maybe it's possible to put together a general 'finder'
dialog that you attach to an arbitrary data source?


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