[mythtv] MHEG-5 support for New Zealand Profile

Steven Ellis steven at openmedia.co.nz
Tue Feb 13 06:22:57 UTC 2007

David Matthews wrote:
> Open Media Support wrote:
>> NZ DTH services are just starting and we will soon see MHEG-5 based data
>> services. Need to make sure the MythTV stack can support the NZ profile.
>> First of all they are using a stack supplied by http://www.s-and-t.com/.
>> Next there is a chance that the EPG will be embedded in the MHEG stream
>> rather than using the EIT data.
>> So who can I work with to get this going once they start the data streams..
> I'm happy to help with this since I wrote the MHEG5 and DSMCC code.  Do 
> you have details of the NZ profile?
> Most of the UK MHEG profile is implemented but there are some aspects 
> that are never used in practice so aren't there.  Getting EPG info out 
> of the MHEG code and into the database could be tricky but it depends on 
> how it is encoded.  The MHEG and DSMCC code run on the frontend but you 
> would really want that done on the backend.
Ok I've now got some MHEG streams showing up and some sample data.
Problem is I can't get it to display anything.

Have a look at http://www.mythtv.co.nz/mythtv/?p=33 for details on my
attempts so far and debug output from mythfrontend.

I also tried using rb-download to try and suck the MHEG data out of the
stream but it didn't get very far as shown below.

Dave - what tools did you use to debug the mheg and dsmcc data?

Channels on this mutiplex:

ID      Channel
==      =======
1025    Maori TV
1035    TVONE
1036    TV2
1037    Reserved 6
1038    Reserved 7
1901    Test 1-Bloomberg
1902    Test 2-DWTV
1903    Test 3-CCTV-9
1904    Test 4-TVNZ WIDE

root at mythtv:~/redbutton-download-20070108# ./rb-download -vv 1035
PMT PID: 269
PID=515 descriptor=0x2
0x00000000  1a 48 5f                                         .H_
PID=515 component_tag=3
PID=653 descriptor=0x3
0x00000000  67                                               g
PID=653 component_tag=141
PID=579 descriptor=0x56
0x00000000  65 6e 67 09 00 65 6e 67 10 01                    eng..eng..
PID=579 component_tag=67
PID=1001 component_tag=11
PID=1001 data_broadcast_id=0x106
0x00000000  01 06 05 05 00 00                                ......
PID=1001 carousel_id=1
Unable to find Carousel Descriptor in PMT


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