[mythtv] MePo-wide-0.3.1 available for download

Zdzislaw Gorlicki zdzisekg at comcast.net
Sat Feb 10 23:54:25 UTC 2007

find it at the usual place

Change Log:
02-10-2007 - version 0.3.1 released. Myth-video plugin is now fully 
supported thanks to a patch from Justin 
Hornsby(http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3068). Until the patch gets 
commited, you need to apply it manually. Other minor changes include, 
mythtv-setup support and the menu buttons now use black outline (looks 
better when using qt painter)

01-26-2007 - version 0.3.0 released. Matching OSD added, plus some minor 
changes here and there.

01-06-2007 - version 0.2.0 released. Full support for MythVideo, 
however, the "gallery view" is unable to draw the background so that one 
screen does not look all that good.

01-05-2007 - version 0.1.1 released: Added partial MythVideo Support. 
Gallery View is giving me problems. May not be possible to do much with 
that screen.

01-02-2007 - version 0.1.0 released. Check the README for details.

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