[mythtv] Building without X dependancies...

richard at mawson.org.uk richard at mawson.org.uk
Sat Feb 10 09:11:30 UTC 2007

On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 09:59:16AM -0600, Trey Boudreau wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 02:53:07PM +0000, richard at mawson.org.uk wrote:
> > On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 08:49:24AM +1100, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > > > Perhaps I don't understand the capabilities though. Should mythtv be
> > > > able to display ALL its menus as well as live tv and recordings direct
> > > > on a PVR-350 framebuffer device without X installed or being  
> > > > redirected
> > > > to another X server?
> > > 
> > > Theoretically? Yes. Have I ever succeeded? No
> > 
> > Is anyone out there playing with mythfrontend in xen DomU? I can't
> > believe I'm the only one... It would be nice to know this isn't
> > completely untrodden ground...
> >
> Do you have a driver that will give you access to the PVR-350 from a
> DomU?  You will need a Xen FrontendDriver for the DomU and a
> BackendDriver for the Dom0 or DeviceDomain.  I suppose you could give
> control over the PVR-350 to the mythtv DomU.  Have you verified that it
> will work with something that uses directfb (like one of the test/demo
> apps from directfb)?  Even if this works it may not have sufficiently
> low latency to handle video playback.


The pci device is passed-through to the domain, and works (i.e.
throwing an mpeg stream at it puts it on the telly!), the only problem
is getting myth to use it without using the overhead and complication
of X.

I have actually abandoned the idea now and managed to get X working on
the pvr-350 under xen. I'm sure it would be possible to use directfb
but currently it seems to require a console be on /dev/tty0 which is
isn't under xen. X did have the same problem, but doesn't having upgraded to
7.1.1 so I presume this has been fixed in XOrg.

Thanks for the help though!


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