[mythtv] i know that qt4 is not supported

Steve Atkins steve at blighty.com
Wed Feb 7 20:06:47 UTC 2007

On Feb 7, 2007, at 4:05 AM, Stuart Morgan wrote:

> On Wednesday 7 February 2007 11:48, Simon Kenyon wrote:
>> the question is more one of why?
>> 1 because there is no intention of moving to qt4
>> 2 because nobody has contributed a set of patches
>> 3 because having both qt3 and qt4 in the same codebase would be  
>> far too
>> messy
>> should it be option 2, then that can be addressed.
> A bit of #2, with a lot of #3 and also #4 (QT4 isn't widely  
> distributed yet).
> Backwards compatibility is essential until QT4 is distributed with  
> every
> distro.
> Moving to QT4 isn't trivial from what I've been told, it will mean  
> large
> rewrites of certain areas.

Massive rewrite, yes.

I'm porting a sizable application from Qt3 to Qt4, and it's not as easy
as just running the automated conversion tools and doing some cleanup.
There are big chunks of Qt3 functionality that just don't exist in  
Qt4, even
in the compatibility libraries - in most cases there's replacement  
but it's quite different to use.

Also, Qt4 has only just stabilised in some areas. It wasn't really  
prior to 4.2 for some things, and it looks like 4.3 will be a lot  
better than
4.2 too.

Qt4 is much better than Qt3 for almost everything, but the changes are
major enough that we've decided it'll be less effort to rewrite  
entirely from
scratch for some components than to try and port the existing codebase.


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