[mythtv] [ivtv-users] PVR-350 and MythTV support

Ricardo Lugo punka at cfl.rr.com
Wed Feb 7 15:07:28 UTC 2007

On Feb 6, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Jeff Simpson wrote:

> #3, Framebuffer is slow slow slow slow, and it EATS cpu. I have a 3ghz
> machine, but the menus are still slow. I often find the X session
> using 50 or 60% of my cpu, just SITTING there. Forget trying to run it
> at the same time as another X session, it jumps to a full 100%.
> Playing anything that isn't a native mpeg2 video makes the system
> crawl.

Yup, writing directly to the framebuffer is slow. And yes, it is the  
main source of problems with the OSD in Myth.

That's why the 350 framebuffer support should be taken out of Myth,  
not the entire support for the PVR-350.

> #3 XDriver is a great project, but it's always been buggy at best, and
> difficult to compile (with each version of X, the driver has needed
> another patch or hack just to compile). I think now that it's in some
> repositories (gentoo), it's better? (I've still had to patch it, but
> maybe by now it's better).

Patching != buggy.
And yes, a modular X will need a patched Xdriver. Most other  
hwdrivers in X probably needed patches, too.

With XV support in the Xdriver, the PVR-350 HAS become a full-fledged  
video card, just like your onboard video. There is no need to write  
directly to the framebuffer anymore. It can play MPEG-2 with little  
to no CPU footprint, and play that downloaded XviD or transcoded  
MPEG-4 on my dual 500MHz celeron at about ~30% CPU utilization. Not  
bad for a machine that's > 7 years old.

No, it does not have OpenGL support, but someone will hopefully  
maintain the QT side of mythtv for those using old/embedded hardware.

- Rick

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