[mythtv] "A", "An", and "The" for sorting - ticket 3048

brian turbo at talstar.com
Tue Feb 6 22:16:25 UTC 2007

Steve Hodge wrote:
> I think the best solution is to have a separate name field for sorting. 
> Then users can arrange stuff however they desire.

   Exactly.  And, the point I had hoped to (but apparently didn't quite) 
make in my earlier post.  If we create a SORT_NAME column in the 
mythconverg.music_artists table, and use that column to sort/populate 
the list, it would solve everybody's issue(s).

   By copying the artist_name column directly, the lists in mythmusic 
would appear exactly as they always have.  For those that wish to alter 
the sort (by {LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME}, skip 'A', 'An', 'The', 'Le', 'Les', 
etc, or to convert "10,000" to "Ten Thousand" for sorting purposes), all 
  they would need to do is alter the text presentation in this new 
column.    That would provide a "solution" to everybody's concerns on 
this topic, at least as far as mythmusic goes...

  -- brian

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