[mythtv] Issues changing PREFIX

Gunnar Strand GStrand at gustra.org
Tue Feb 6 19:45:10 UTC 2007

Nigel Pearson wrote:
> 2) Check that /opt/lib is listed in LIBPATHS
> (when the has_library function runs):
> sh -x ./configure --previous 2>&1 | grep LIBPATHS

I had to add "sh -x" on line 874:  sh -x ./configure $PCONF

Yep, it finds /opt/lib:

+ for x in '$SRCH'
++ cat /etc/ld.so.conf.d/local.conf
++ grep -v '#'
++ grep -v '^include'
+ LP_APPEND=/opt/lib

It ends up in LIBPATHS. How is this supposed to be propagated down to 
the Makefiles? Nothing in LIBPATHS appear in config.mak at all, nor in 
setting.pro either.

Kind Regards,


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