[mythtv] "A", "An", and "The" for sorting - ticket 3048

aaron memoryguy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 13:15:12 UTC 2007

On 06/02/07, Chris Hamilton <chamilton at cs.dal.ca> wrote:

> I would prefer it to be configurable.  In fact, my preference is to
> remove the prefixes and then *not* put them back in front, but rather
> leave them at the right hand side (ie: "The Show" -> "Show, The").  I
> currently have a patch that does this, and also lets the set of prefixes
> be configurable (I wanted to add support for the common French prefixes
> "Le", "La", "Les" and "L'").  If this is at all interesting to people
> I'll clean it up and attach it to the ticket... (currently the behaviour
> is compile time configurable rather than through the settings table).

I agree. In fact, if I recall correctly, this is how it used to work, and I
did like it much better. Then it was changed for some reason. Scrolling
through a list of program names, I find it awkward and somewhat confusing to
have to actually read each line to find where the "interesting" part of the
title really starts.

If your patch applies to SVN, I'd be interested in trying it out.... :)


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