[mythtv] tuning started failing, huge number of dtv_multipexes

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Tue Feb 6 11:36:10 UTC 2007

Yesterday I noticed mythtv had skipped recordings. I noticed no EPG
data was there at all, so it couldn't schedule. Removed all the
channels, but now I'm not able to re-tune them. I deleted all
channels, and am not able to get them tuned anymore. I think there is
some bug in cleaning up stuff from mythconverg while deleting

I get this text while trying to tune: "Found channel but it doesn't
match existing tsid. You may wish to delete existing channel..." and
rest is unseen.

On cmdline I see this kinda stuff:
2007-02-05 21:38:27.720 SDT: Error determing what transport this
service table is associated with so failing
2007-02-05 21:38:27.726 DB Error (Adding transport to Database.):
Query was:
INSERT INTO dtv_multiplex   (sourceid,        sistandard,
frequency,     modulation,      transportid,       networkid,
symbolrate,      bandwidth,         polarity,      inversion,
transmission_mode,                fec,             constellation,
hierarchy,     hp_code_rate,    lp_code_rate,      guard_interval)
VALUES   (1,       'dvb',       274013477,    'qam_128',     1,
NULL,    6900000,     'a',        'v',     '1',      'a',
       'none',      'qam_128',    'a',    'auto',   'auto',
Driver error was [2/1062]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Duplicate entry '32767' for key 1
2007-02-05 21:38:27.727 SDT: Error determing what transport this
service table is associated with so failing

Looking dtv_multiplex table in phpmyadmin it shows "Showing rows 0 -
399 (32,767 total, Query took 0.0033 sec)". Seems awful lot to me...?
This causes mythtv-setup to act awful slow. I emptied the table and it
is faster now. The cable provider only has 22 muxes, so there should
not be more in the table either, right?

I'm running ubuntu 6.10 up to date and two nights old svn trunk
mythtv. My two tuners are terratec cinergy 1200-C, older HW variant.
Cable provider is HTV [1] in Finland. Everything was fine week ago.

One weirdness in the system is that if I don't specify the FEC - none
and QAM 128 it doesn't start to tune at all. After setting those away
from auto it starts to try tuning. And it shows there is a lock

It tunes one multiplex though, the multiplex #3 [1]. Too bad it has
only couple of channels, and the rest are firmware upgrade streams for

This happened to me half an year ago also. At the time I just
downgraded mythtv to couple weeks older trunk and everythins started
working fine again. After that I've kept having always  relatively up to date
trunk version.

BTW, I was able to see the channels before deleting them, and other
players still show the tv, so it is not the cable being loose ;)

Here is link to local channel tuning info:
[1] http://dvb.swelcom.fi/cable.php

What next?

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