[mythtv] "A", "An", and "The" for sorting - ticket 3048

David Härdeman david at hardeman.nu
Tue Feb 6 08:09:12 UTC 2007

On Tue, February 6, 2007 4:06, Matt said:
> I don't believe "An" or "A" should be stripped when sorting.  I also
> noticed this in mythmusic.  For example... the Band named "A Perfect
> Circle" isn't refered to as "Perfect Circle".  Also, I believe "An"
> should be in the same boat.
> However, I still believe that "The" should be ignored in sorting.
> This is traditionally how the majority of media players sort their
> playlists.  iTunes, WMP, etc.
> What does everyone else think?

Hardcoding special handling for "A", "An", "The" and phonetic versions of
numerals (as was suggested in another reply to this mail) does not sound
like a good idea from a i10n pov (LC_COLLATE anyone?).

Most people who use my MythTV box just find the
"almost-alphabetically-sorted-except-in-a-few-cases" sorting confusing.

So whatever method(s) is/are implemented, I hope they'll be user
configurable (perhaps one multiple-choice option of which sorting method
to use and then apply that method both in MythMusic and the recordings

David Härdeman

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