[mythtv] Questions on housekeeper thread

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Feb 6 02:17:58 UTC 2007

* On Tue Feb 06, 2007 at 11:27:20AM +1100, William Uther wrote:
>    i) In current behaviour the times are inclusive by hour.  So if  
> you specify 2pm and 4pm as the times between which you want MFD  
> called, then you could get it being called at 4:30pm.  If that is  
> changed so that the end-hour is exclusive, then you wouldn't get MFD  
> being called at 4:30pm.  The down-side on that change is that some  
> people want to be able to specify a particular hour in which to call  
> MFD.  e.g.  If you specify 3pm and 3pm, does that mean that MFD can  
> run at 3:30pm or that MFD should not be run at all?

It would be less confusing to leave things as they are, but if that is
done, then the descriptions in the help text need to change:

  "For example, setting Start to 11 and End to 13 would mean that the
   process would only run between 11 AM and 1 PM."

That is different than the actual way things work.  The fix could be
as simple as changing the text to something like this:

  "For example, setting Start to 11 and End to 13 would mean that the
   process would only run between 11:00 AM and 1:59 PM."

>    ii) At the moment the code is written to call MFD after the start  
> time, and before the end time.  If the end time is before the start  
> time then MFD will not be run.  This makes it impossible to say that  
> you want to run MFD in the middle of the night, between 11pm and  
> 1am.  If you put in a start time of 11pm and an end time of 1am,  
> there are no times on an individual day that are after 11pm and  
> before 1am, and MFD will not be run.  This would seem like a good bug  
> to fix.

I was thinking about this the other day, but considered it another bug
so I wasn't going to say it needed to be fixed as part of your current
patch.  If you want to roll it in together, that is OK with me.  Just
attach a new patch to the existing ticket.  I think the ability to
span midnight is useful and there is no good reason I see that we
shouldn't allow it.  It will need a bit of logic in your existing patch
to be modified though.  The big difference is probably that if we want
to run mfdb between 11pm and 3am, we don't mind if mfdb runs twice in
the same day at 1:30am and again at 11:45pm which would be blocked by
the current code/patch.  If you want to make this a separate patch
than the existing one, I'm fine with that.  I was thinking of committing
your other patch tonight anyway since it has been working fine on my
system so far.


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