[mythtv] Request: OpenAL support

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Feb 5 10:55:21 UTC 2007

Mark Felder wrote:
> I know this might sound ridiculous and unnecessary, but hear me out
> before you skip over this email.
> I have a legitimate use for OpenAL. I do, honest. I believe MythTV
> should include OpenAL as an option for the audio backend. In fact, it
> might not be a bad idea to make it _THE_ audio backend. Here's why.

It's very simple to write a new audio backend.  There is a class called 
AudioBase and you subclass it and override the various functions to hook 
into the api of your choice.  Most of the existing procedures use a 
"blocking" interface and simply spin in a loop and feed data to the 
backend.  Others use a callback system.  Jack even implements a software 
mixer/volume control

Generally it's enough to be able to master a simple example audio app in 
the API of your choice in order to hook it into Myth as a backend.  
Nothing further

So most of the audio backend is factored out.  All you need to write is 
a fairly simple routine to chuck samples into the API.

Good luck

Ed W

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