[mythtv] Using Wikipedia as a source of artist information for MythMusic

Timothy Livingston tim at livingstonautomation.com
Mon Feb 5 03:43:32 UTC 2007

I was making note of this exact thing recently. Although the Myth system
brings all this media to your fingertips, applications such as Amarok
make mythmusic feel lean on features and leaves one wanting more. 

I had thoughts of proposing this, and I guess here is my opportunity:

Can an interface for Amarok be created for MythTV? Amarok does a great
job of managing the music library, pulling information from a wide
variety of sources based on context, maintaining podcasts, and even
interfacing with portable media devices. 

Lets not re-invent the wheel- Make MythMusic a remote-friendly interface
for some already incredible music management software... And personally
I like being able to pick a database format and use it as a standard.

Just a brainstorm...... for what its worth....

On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 22:33 -0500, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
> I've been looking at ways to pull more information into the MythMusic
> displays, and see that Wikipedia has an impressive number of classical
> composers.  It's probably even better with popular artists.  Seems
> like a good source for more background while browsing or playing
> music.  
> So far, I've added the years of the composer's life and death (where
> applicable) and a Wikipedia URL to the database.  Preliminary patch
> and database update at
> <http://wendy.seltzer.org/mythtv/artistinfo.tgz>.  
> As well as using that information as another display or sort option, I
> was thinking of pulling up the composer's Wikipedia entry as a
> visualizer, if I can prod MythBrowser into cooperating.  Has anyone
> tried anything similar?  Any other thoughts or interest? 
> --Wendy
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