[mythtv] Removing UIRemoteEditType and MythRemoteLineEdit

Justin Luitjens luitjens at cs.utah.edu
Sat Feb 3 07:22:36 UTC 2007

If it is already implemented and working then why not have it as an 
option that can be enabled or disabled.  This would eliminate the 
concerns raised in point 2.  Point 1 isn't grounds for removing it as it 
provides a different functionality that some may find useful.  And 3 is 
a coding problem that can be easily remedied. 


Stuart Morgan wrote:
> For those that don't know, these allow cell(mobile)phone style text entry 
> using number keys in certain places throughout mythtv. I'm inviting 
> discussion on the removal of these from the code.
> Arguments for that would include:
> 1)  The 'new' popup keyboard provides the same functionality and actually 
> improves on it, allowing more characters and full case shifting etc.
> 2)  For those using keyboards it makes entering numbers difficult.
> 3) It would go some way to simplifying and standardising the UI. There is no 
> pattern to the use of the remote entry types, some places use them others 
> don't. Reducing the number of text entry widgets would remove confusion over 
> which should be used in any particular context and improve consistency.
> P.S. UIRemoteEditType appears to be just a wrapper around MythRemoteLineEdit?

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