[mythtv] Removing UIRemoteEditType and MythRemoteLineEdit

John P Poet jppoet at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 23:45:10 UTC 2007

On 2/2/07, Stuart Morgan <stuart at tase.co.uk> wrote:
> For those that don't know, these allow cell(mobile)phone style text entry
> using number keys in certain places throughout mythtv. I'm inviting
> discussion on the removal of these from the code.
> Arguments for that would include:
> 1)  The 'new' popup keyboard provides the same functionality and actually
> improves on it, allowing more characters and full case shifting etc.
> 2)  For those using keyboards it makes entering numbers difficult.
> 3) It would go some way to simplifying and standardising the UI. There is no
> pattern to the use of the remote entry types, some places use them others
> don't. Reducing the number of text entry widgets would remove confusion over
> which should be used in any particular context and improve consistency.
> P.S. UIRemoteEditType appears to be just a wrapper around MythRemoteLineEdit?

I vote YES, to remove.


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