[mythtv] LCD backlight

Wilhelm Eger Wilhelm.Eger at uni-jena.de
Fri Feb 2 12:24:58 UTC 2007

Hi there,

got a CF634 and it works with only one issue. The backlight control is bad.
There is an option in the configuration menu: " Always turn backlight on " or
something like that (sorry, I don't use english mythtv). This is no problem.
But I want my LCD not to give light all the time. So I turned it off. The
backlight turned off immediately after that and never got up again. I searched
the list and tickets found this:


A changeset from 2004 which inserts some backlight code to turn off the
backlight after some time.

Here some list entries to this:


Here Leo tells about a "Pop-Up" time. I've never seen anything like that in the
options menu.


After all I searched the libs directory of the current SVN Head of mythtv with
"grep -R backlight *" and got only two entries in lcddevice.cpp/.h.

I can't find the changes of changeset #4146. Are they removed? What about a
flexible backlight control?



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