[mythtv] MythRecipe resurrection

Kevin Wambsganz wambs at verizon.net
Sun Dec 30 15:11:53 UTC 2007



I'm planning to update and enhance the old MythRecipe plugin that I have the
source to. I got the program to compile and some basic functionality is
working. But there is a lot to do!


My wife has a lot of recipes that I would like to import into Myth. This and
the fact that we like and use MythTv every day. We like to do our part and
add to MythTv. I also plan to add a web interface for MythRecipe as well. I
also would like to have MythRecipe included as an official plugin once the
development is done. I would also like to have a touch screen interface work
well with MythRecipe, because we have a couple of them, especially one in
the kitchen.


So, I have the following questions for the MythTv community:


1.	Is there interest for this MythRecipe?
2.	Is anyone working on this already?
3.	Are there any existing MyhtRecipe users out there? What do you like
or dislike about the existing program?
4.	For MythTV users, what kind of things would you want in a Recipe
5.	What do I need to get working for the Recipe program to be included
in the official plugins? 
6.	Any other comments (constructive) are welcome!






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