[mythtv] Ticket #4270: MythTV on Windows (with MinGW)

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Sun Dec 30 10:24:07 UTC 2007

Andrei Tanas wrote:
>> it is also huge
>> i will have a look and see how gentoo builds and packages it to see if
>> i
>> can automate the process of building and packaging it up
>> i suspect i could get it down to (say) 50MB which is a lot better that
>> the 600 it now is.
> What takes 600MB? The sources + everything else or just the compiled
> binaries? In the end, we are only interested in libqt-mt3.dll +
> libqsqlmysql.dll + libmysql.dll, all combined take less than 16MB on my
> machine (release builds).
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the qt tree takes over 600M
as for what we are interested in:

that depends

if you only want to run a mythtv binary then you are correct
however, if you want enough to be able to (re)compile myth then a lot 
more is required

the latter was what i was trying to work out. what do we need in /qt in 
order to be able to compile and (then also) run mythtv


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