[mythtv] question about speeds - speedinc vs fast forward

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Dec 28 15:56:44 UTC 2007

> How would that differ from the sticky keys option myth already has?

Indeed, that is already how the alternate ffwd/rew keys ( < and > )
behave, and also how the ffwd/rew keys behave with sticky keys

In terms of fast forwarding vs speed inc, they both use the
NuppleVideoPlayer's Play method (with the same parameters) to adjust
playback speed. The differences I see between them currently are:

1) They are operated by different keys
2) They use a different set of playback speeds (2/4/8/16 vs 3/5/10/20/etc)
3) speedinc doesn't doesn't do repositioning after resuming normal
speed, ffwd does
4) speedinc only leaves the OSD visible for a few seconds, whereas
ffwd keeps it there until you press cancel or resume normal speed.
5) pressing speedinc again when already at the max speed does nothing,
where as pressing ffwd again at the max speed will wrap back around to
the slowest fast forward speed
6) when at normal speed, pressing speeddec takes you into slow motion,
while pressing rewind....rewinds.

Obviously the two options serve different purposes ( point 6 ). I
don't know whether or not points 2-5 are intentional or merely
artifacts of evolving code. I'm really only looking to address point 2
(though if points 3-5 are artifacts that should be cleaned up, I'd be
glad to take care of that while I'm at it).

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