[mythtv] Improving 50Hz video on a 60Hz display

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Dec 27 07:46:48 UTC 2007

> Now I don't know too much on how the opengl playback method works, but 
> I guess that with it we can use many of the features provided by 
> opengl (at the expensive of gfx card processing). At the moment 
> playing 50Hz video on a 60Hz display causes some frames to be 
> duplicated (to make up the missing time). However I was thinking that 
> maybe 2 frames could be 'mixed' together, by setting each frame to 
> have a transparency level. The alpha level could be dynamic, which 
> would allow to be adjusted per frame to achieve the best possible 
> picture.

It seems the better commercial players blur frames together to reduce 

Some nvidia cards can do 50Hz though if you disable the various check 
features in the driver...

(looking for 24Hz features myself...)

Ed W

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