[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #4353: Customize MythMusic Miniplayer settings

Bill Cizek cizek at rcn.com
Sun Dec 23 14:55:14 UTC 2007

>>  1. Specify what to do when exiting mythmusic (allows the user to select to
>>  always keep playing, always stop playing, or ask "Do you want to keep
>>  playing")
>>  2. Allow the user to keep the miniplayer from popping-up at each song
>>  change.
[snip valid points about having too many settings which make it 
difficult to setup MythTV]
> The second change doesn't make a lot of sense in my opinion? What purpose does 
> it serve? If having the miniplayer obscure a small part of the screen for a 
> few seconds is too much, then how about altering the theme to move the 
> miniplayer to a more acceptable location/size. Or pick a theme which does 
> this already?
Not sure what to say here.  It's personal preference for me to not have 
the miniplayer auto-popup,
and it also avoids the following problem with this functionality:

The miniplayer will grab focus at seemingly random times (whenever the 
song changes).  So if I'm
browsing through recordings and the song changes, it pops up and the 
button presses I've been
doing start going to the miniplayer. My keys are setup so the miniplayer 
uses left and right to do
prev / next song, and up / down for rating change. So when it pops up 
there's a good enough chance
that I'll either skip songs or changing the rating.

Then, after it's popped up on a song change, it will always disappear 
after the 10 second timeout,
even if you're using it's functionality -- i.e. it pops up and you 
decide "I want to skip a few songs".
While you're skipping forward the miniplayer disappears and whatever key 
you're pressing starts
going to the underlying myth functionality.

Both of these are rare and generally just annoying (maybe they aren't 
even problems?); since I don't
need the auto-popup functionality, I disabled it.

None of this changes the fact that this is one of the best additions to 
MythTV in a while.
Props to Paul for making it.


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