[mythtv] freesat from BBC/ITV

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Thu Dec 13 11:07:59 UTC 2007

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> Stuart Auchterlonie wrote:
>> Simon Kenyon wrote:
>>> Freesat will be launching in March 2008.
>>> Has anybody been in contact with these folks to get details?
>> We know enough of the details already. It's more or less a standard
>> dvb-s setup.
> don't you mean DVB-S2?

The stuff being provided under the FreeSat offering will be dvb-s
as it's about getting digital tv to the masses.

dvb-s2 is primarily being used to carry HD content, although I
believe that BBC-HD on Astra 28.2 is actually still carried on dvb-s

dvb-s2 is currently limited in availability.

>>> For example, will the EPG be usable by MythTV as it stands, or will
>>> changes be required?
>> The RT grabber is your friend here. To utilize the over the air EIT
>> data we will most likely have to make some changes. This will require
>> one of the devs to have access to a dvb-s card...
> i can provide access if needed.
> i already use the RT grabber.
> i'm think more of the proposed 7-day EPG talked about.
> with Sky, as the signal is encrypted, developers are unwilling to play 
> in this space.

yes, we don't propose to go chasing down the $ky epg data.

> with FreeSat, as the signal will (as currently things stand) be in the 
> clear. so there is some hope of a decent over-the-air programme guide.

You have any links or references to this?
This is what we would want to implement, if we don't already support it.

>>> What will be the minimum hardware requirement be for a frontend (and a
>>> backend for that matter)?
>>> I would like to "hit the ground running" when this service is launched.
>> No different to normal.
> well i have a hard time with the BBC-HD trial on an AMD 64 X2 6000, so 
> define normal.

I'm not expecting freesat to cover HD channels at this time.


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