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Andrei Tanas andrei at tanas.ca
Tue Dec 4 21:10:26 UTC 2007



I've been working on Windows port of MythTV for some time, and I finally
have something to show. Instead of using Cygwin as attempted in the past, I
switched completely to MinGW, implemented Direct3D-based video renderer
(which works fine in Vista, as opposed to DirectX overlays) and Windows
audio, made tons of small corrections (some of them are actual MythTV bugs).


Things that work:


    UI works fine, including OpenGL painter

    Live TV and recorded TV playback

    Video playback (mythvideo), including ISO images of DVD disks

    Program guide


    MythVideo - works fine



Things that can be compiled but have not been tested

    mythtranscode, mythcommflag,

    MythMusic (including libvisual and sdl), MythGallery, MythWeather,



Things that don't work:

  Backend: no video capture (though it shouldn't be too hard to implement

    DirectShow-based capture), does not respond to socket connections

  Frontend: there's a major problem with the "tv_out" QWidget caused by the

    that it's created on a different thread (not the main UI thread).

    In Windows this causes all sorts of problems, the worst of which is the

    hanging when trying to switch to program guide from live tv.

  CD ripping: it looked like it was going to take too long to port
cdparanoia to

    Windows so I ended up disabling ripping altogether

  CD playback: windows cd device handling needs to be implemented in


I've posted the patch against current SVN (15016) here:


And those who want to try some of the binaries (with all the bugs, it's hard
to actually use them) here:

http://tanas.ca/mythtv.zip (30MB, download is limited to 800kbps).


It is currently very buggy of course, but it does work, and I'd like to know
what it would take to have it included in SVN so that more developers could
collaborate on Windows version.



Andrei Tanas.


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