[mythtv] h.264 multithreading

John reidjr at btconnect.com
Sun Dec 2 11:47:30 UTC 2007

Tom Lichti wrote:
> John wrote:
>> I think a "make distclean"  should sort this out. The consolidated 
>> patch Riz posted works as advertised against trunk.
>> For the record, the difference between the consolidated patch  Riz 
>> has kindly put together and the one I originally posted
>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/295762#295762
>>  is that it was turned on and off by a database switch. If you always 
>> want to skip the loopfilter (deblocking off) then this consolidated 
>> patch is far easier.
Came across a problem playing some DVDs, menu was OK, but "play the 
Movie" lead to a segfault in mythfrontend. After much fumbling around I 
found it doesn't appear in a clean SVN checkout. Traced it back to the 
Multi threading patch 0001-enable-multithreaded-video-stream-decoding.patch

I don't have the skills to work out why this is causing the segfault, 
but a small change to only enable multi threading on H264 fixed the 
immediate problem. I am working on the basis that if you are messing 
around with H264 Multi threading you do not need to worry about multi 
threading to play SD DVDs ;-).

.... later

Doh !!! was just about to post my hack, then when I produced the diff of 
Riz's consolidated patch, I see that it already does a test for H264 
before applying multi threading.

I'll post anyway, so Janne picks the issue up for future multithread 
updates to trunk.


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