[mythtv] SVN Trunk compile error

Joel Melohn jlmelohn at jcsm.com
Sun Aug 26 05:09:42 UTC 2007

I am attempting to compile mythtv SVN trunk. When I run "configure" I am
getting the error: 


"QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced."


Could anyone tell me what I overlooked?


Output from the "configure" command:


[root at testmythserver mythtv]# ./configure --with-bindings=perl

# Basic Settings

Compile type     release

Compiler cache   symlink gcc

DistCC           no

Install prefix   /usr/local

CPU              x86_32 (athlon)

big-endian       no

MMX enabled      yes

CMOV enabled     yes

CMOV is fast     no


# Input Support

Joystick menu    yes

lirc support     no

Apple Remote     no

Video4Linux sup. yes

ivtv support     yes

FireWire support no

DVB support      yes [/usr/include]

DBox2 support    yes

HDHomeRun sup.   yes

IPTV support     yes


# Sound Output Support

OSS support      yes

ALSA support     yes

aRts support     no

JACK support     no

DTS passthrough  no


# Video Output Support

x11 support      yes

xrandr support   yes

xv support       yes

XvMC support     no

XvMC VLD support no

XvMC pro support no

XvMC OpenGL sup. no

Mac acceleration no

OpenGL vsync     no

DirectFB         no


# Misc Features

Frontend         yes

Backend          yes


# Bindings

bindings_perl    yes


Creating libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h and libs/libmyth/mythconfig.mak


WARNING: If you plan to watch HDTV recordings you probably

         need to run ./configure with --enable-proc-opt   


libs/libmyth/mythconfig.h is unchanged

QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.

Error processing project file: /root/src/mythtv/mythtv/mythtv.pro

[root at testmythserver mythtv]# 




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