[mythtv] Display popup from network control. Was: Re: Displaying messages from mythshutdown in mythfrontend - ideas?

Matthew Wire devel at mrwire.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 00:13:54 UTC 2007

Please see attached the latest version of my patch to display a popup
from the network control interface in mythfrontend.

>From the telnet interface the following commands are accepted:
	/* Message format:
POPUP message defaultbutton timeout button1 button2 button3 buttonN
	returns [popupIdentifier] OK
POPUP status (optional)[popupIdentifier]
	returns [popupIdentifier] {ACTIVE|CLOSED}
POPUP close
	returns [popupIdentifier] CLOSED

* The network interface returns immediately with an identifier for the
popup and "OK".
* Popup status can be obtained using popup status.  This will return 0
or the popupIdentifier and ACTIVE or CLOSED.
* popup close will close any active popup.

* Creating a new popup will close any previous one.
* Use underscores (_) instead of spaces for messages/buttons - they will
be converted for display.
* The timeout is in seconds and will automatically cancel the popup
after the timeout.

* There is currently no way of querying which button was pressed.  I'm
obviously planning on doing something about this but not sure how yet...
Probably allowing a query via the popup status message could return
button number as well if closed?
* There is no way of signalling that the dialog has been closed. This
will probably not be changed unless someone comes up with a good


PS. Peter, this solves your first point about the dialog disappearing
automatically - if your app detects a dvd inserted it can simply send
popup close to mythfrontend and the dialog will go away!
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