[mythtv] Minor fixes to mythlcdprocclient.cpp

brian turbo at talstar.com
Wed Aug 22 21:37:26 UTC 2007

Doug Goldstein wrote:
> I have a 2 line VFD display on my case and MythTV always displays garbage on
> the bottom line ever since I've gotten it. It'll display a nice full 2 line
> clock, then display the show name on the top line with a blank bottom line.
> then it's garbage on the bottom line through the rest of the screens
> (episode name, etc) until we're back to the show name.

   That bottom line typically displays a 'progress bar' using graphical characters.
At the start of the show, that line is blank (0% through the show), and after that
it shows a rough percentage of completion of that process.  If you don't have the
same character set that contains those graphical characters, then you'll see whatever
characters are in those positions in the 'assumed' character set.

   I saw this same behavior that you described when I first installed my LCD display.
I upgraded the firmware for the display font on my display (with the desired character
set) and haven't had an issue, since.

  - Brian

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