[mythtv] DVB-C and MythTV

Janne Grunau janne-mythtv at grunau.be
Sun Aug 19 12:31:33 UTC 2007

On Sunday 19 August 2007 13:07:55 Christiaan van Dijk wrote:
> Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> > Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> >> Christiaan van Dijk wrote:
> >>> Hi all,
> >>>
> >>> I've been working on a MythTV box with a DVB-C card and ran into
> >>> some problems. I solved quite some issues and would like to share
> >>> these here.
> >>>
> >>> A known problem with DVB-C are the network IDs. In a normal DVB
> >>> situation there's only one main network ID in the NIT which
> >>> describes the used network. In DVB-C however the network ID needs
> >>> to be entered manually and is not even located in the NIT but in
> >>> NITo.

That has nothing to do with DVB-C but with bad providers which break the 
DVB standard. It's pure coincidence that your provider is a cable 

> >>> I've seen some discussion on how to deal with this since 
> >>> it's not really DVB standard and solutions are mainly dirty hacks
> >>> which only pollute the code. I tried a solution which is a bit in
> >>> between (to my opinion :-) ), this solution makes it possible to
> >>> give a network ID in the configuration script which is compiled
> >>> into the code,

That's the wrong place. A workaround for a broken provider should not 
selectable on compile time. especially if it needs a location based 
parameter. It will also break combined DVB-C/DVB-S setups.
The place for the "right" network id would the video source setup.

> >>> if not defined (default) the code stays in it's 
> >>> original state. There is some code pollution with the conditional
> >>> defines but I tried to keep it to a minimum.

The #ifdefs are just ugly and a simple "return true" in the first case 
would have avaoided all the reindentation. Much whitespace changes make 
your patch harder to read. 

> >>> Also fixed a bug in the channel inversion setting, the scanner
> >>> used to set an invalid value for DVB-C, now it defaults to auto.
> >>> Really minor but avoids warnings in the log files.

Seperate issue, please provide a seperate patch. But I would guess it's 
the wrong place to change.

Attached patch is cleaner. (leaks memory, configuration is missing, you 
have to set real_network_id in dvbstreamdata.cpp to your desired 

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