[mythtv] Database server and pings (r14205)

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Sun Aug 19 10:31:37 UTC 2007

> However, your recent changes have broken this since the ping check  
> reads
> the default port as 0 and complains that it cannot access the database
> (when in reality it can).


1) I have only been able to reproduce this by
manually adding a DBPort=0 line in mysql.txt.
If there is no DBPort= line, or if it has no value,
TestDBconnection() will have port.length() == 0,
and there is no telnet (port check).

2) I cannot see why DBPort=0 would be in the file,
because the settings UI doesn't write a DBPort line
if the value entered is blank or 0?

But, I have checked in [14224] which
should skip the check in your case?

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