[mythtv] mythtv-vid branch needs testing

Daniel Burr dburr at veritel.com.au
Fri Aug 17 00:38:47 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 16:36 +0100, Mark Kendall wrote:
> If you look closely at the mplayer code however (and the nvidia paper
> the code was based on), you'll see that it only works (properly) when
> using normal, 'power of two' textures. It will not work with
> rectangular textures, which are the preferred choice from a quality
> perspective and the default when available.

Can this be worked around by allocating a square texture which has a
side length equal to the longer side of the rectangle?  The
non-displayable parts of the square could be initialised with copies of
the top or bottom row data (not a solid colour, else this colour would
be used for the filtering at the top/bottom and cause odd colours),

640x480                =>  640x640
+---------+                +---------+
|         | <- top row     |         | <-top row repeated n times
|         |            =>  |=========| <-original top row
|         |                |=original|
+---------+                |==data===|


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