[mythtv] Ticket #3690: Prebuffering pauses with ivtvsinceffmpegresync

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Wed Aug 15 22:49:57 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the tips.  In your experience, do you think my problem was
> related to ticket 3690?

The first part of the log you attached to that ticket made it seem possible.
I didn't believe then, nor do I believe now, that it is the actual cause.

> The only reason why I thought it was-was
> because somebody told me my problem was related to the ffmpeg sync.
> This was awhile ago, so this is why I thought it was related.

The ffmpeg sync did cause prebuffering pauses for some, it is recent, it
would not be unusual for some to jump to that as the cause. It doesn't mean
it is the actual cause. If 13654 has the same problem, well that was
immediately before the ffmpeg sync, so try it and eliminate it.

Anduin Withers

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