[mythtv] directfb: program guide

Peter Hartmann peter at hartmanncomputer.com
Wed Aug 15 02:51:05 UTC 2007

I think I know why this is happening. The SetCooperativeLevel is
DLSCL_EXCLUSIVE. But the program guidegrid needs to butt in on top of
that.  Apparently you can stack windows if you...well, create  a
window.  They you can manipulate them:

The (better i think) alternative to DLSCL_EXCLUSIVE is :

DLSCL_ADMINISTRATIVE 	administrative access, enumerate windows, control them

Quote from Denis Oliver Kropp

   If you want to use windows on the layer instead of using its
surface directly,
   just change EXCLUSIVE to ADMINISTRATIVE and use CreateWindow() instead of
   GetSurface(). If you don't need control over the layer and just
want to create
   windows, you only need to call CreateWindow() after GetDisplayLayer().


What's funny is that on page 9 of this overview is a picture of what I
think mythtv should be like on directfb.  With the video on a bottom
layer leaving the top layer free for qt-embedded stuff.


I wish they had a code example....maybe there's someone still around
from directfb?  Really wish i had some skill here...  For fun I
would happen.  Since I didn't (and couldn't) go so far as to create
and describe the window....on the tv there was no video during the
live-tv playback but I could see the guidegrid when I pressed the
right keys on the remote.


On 8/3/07, Peter Hartmann <ascensiontech at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just hoping someone could point me the right direction.  The program
> guide appears "under" the video instead of on top.  (I know this is
> true because I see it for an instant after I quit watching live tv.) I
> *think* that under X the program guide is transparent and the video
> show underneath.  If that 's the case, all I really care about right
> now is to see it in the foreground.
> Thanks,
> Peter

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