[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3788: instead of deleting a show, mark it for auto-expire and put in a "deleted" group

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 16:49:31 UTC 2007

I've made the changes Chris Pinkham recommended and attached the patch to
the ticket.

I agree with Chris and disabled auto-expiration if you "undelete" the
recording. I figure too that you really don't want the show to go away if
you decide to undelete it.

I removed kLiveTVAutoExpire from tv.h and moved it to a enumerator in
programinfo.h. This way the code change in mythbackend/mainserver.cpp and
the existing code in tv_play.cpp can use the same enumerator. Is this okay ?

When the feature is activated, the "delete" button changes to "Mark for
Deletion" for a regular recgroup view. Then if you switch to the "Deleted"
recgroup view, it says "Delete" as normal.

One thing I haven't figured out yet, to make the same name change in the
mythweb code.  I cannot find the gContext->GetNumSetting() function
equivalent in mythweb. Please help me with this, if someone knows the

> You should use a number higher than 1, but lower than kLiveTVAutoExpire
> (10000) for the autoexpire value when you put a program in the Deleted
> recgroup.  This will force the program to be expired after LiveTV
> programs, but before regular programs when programs are deleted to free
> up disk space.  I'd suggest creating a kDeletedAutoExpire in tv.h with
> a value of 9999 or somewhere around there.  You could convert the
> kLiveTVAutoExpire const to an enum also probably.  My thinking is that
> if you explicitly say to delete a program, you want it to expire before
> other unwatched programs that may auto-expire because of disk space
> issues.
> When you undelete, you should reset the autoexpire value on the
> recording to whatever the default for that recording was (based on
> recordid), but I wonder if you should just force autoeexpire to 0 in
> this case.  If I'm undeleting something, I probably don't want it to
> be auto-expired.  That may be too much assumption though.
> I'm not sure of your playbackbox.cpp logic where you decide whether to
> display these recordings in 'All Programs'.  Do you want to display
> Deleted recordings in All Programs just because LiveTVInAllPrograms is
> turned on?  It would seem like you would never want to see these
> deleted recordings in All Programs, you would only want to see them if
> the user viewed the Deleted recgroup.
> You may want to change the 'Delete' menu button to say something
> different when you're displaying the Deleted recgroup.  With your
> current change, you'll end up with a "Undelete" button a few spaces
> above the "Delete" button.  When the recgroup is 'Deleted', the
> 'Delete' button could be called 'Delete Now' or something to show
> that it will actually force a delete rather than letting the program
> auto-expire.  Putthing these two buttons beside each other also seems
> to make sense rather than having the 3-4 other buttons inbetween
> them.
> --
> Chris
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