[mythtv] mythtv-vid branch needs testing (ubuntu debs)

Ilya V. Ivanchenko iva2k at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 19:21:00 UTC 2007

James Buckley wrote:
> do your scripts just build ubuntu debs, or do they build ubuntuized
> debs (i.e. do they include all the helper scripts and etc. that come
> with the ones from the official repos).

I preserved all original ubuntu helper scripts and updated where
necessary, so my build is "ubuntuized debs".

Quick update:
I got news from Michael Haas (mythbuntu) that he also have done trunk
debs - surprisingly, based on the same 14035 snapshot. I am currently
reviewing our differences and making a merged version that will
hopefully be more refined. I can release either my current snapshot now
or revised one later.

What I hear from all the discussions regarding debian repos and SVN is
that the main controversy is about the builds and release of built
packages. There is no controversy about the scripts.
In a nutshell, it is too early to publish debian packages (mostly in
fear that it will open the floodgates for users reporting all kinds of

I view the situation as best resolved in step-by-step approach, each
step completed only when conditions are right (which may be never):

Step 1
- submit debian scripts into trunk/contrib

Step 2
- setup nightly builds, but distribute debs for developers only

Step 3
- release debs into public repo

Having step 1 (build scripts in SVN) will benefit many people:
- anyone can check out and build easily installable packages
- scripts will be kept up to date
- script revisions will be automatically synchronized to source

Steps 1 & 2 seem not to face any objections nor create any conflicts
that step 3 will raise. The only challenge of step 2 is additional
resource requirement (build machine).

So it looks like proceeding with SVN submit into trunk/contrib/debian/
or trunk/contrib/ubuntu-debian is the next step. Anyone willing to do
actual commit? (I don't have commit access)

> Just a heads up from the *other* related topic ("mythtv-vid branch
>  needs
> testing"). Looks like the -vid branch will be merged *very* shortly (
>  i.e. ~
> 2 weeks), might as well wait, then just carry on using your autobuild
>  script
> for the current trunk.

I know it will create more work to update deb scripts after that. From
this perspective, I'd rather commit deb scripts before, so there is a
known working changeset. -vid merge will break debs, but then there is
more chance that it will be patched back very quickly due to community
effort. I have very little bandwidth to keep doing this for much


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