[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r14126 - in trunk/mythtv by stuartm

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Sat Aug 4 05:27:42 UTC 2007

On Saturday 04 August 2007 08:32, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> On Friday 03 August 2007 15:59:36 Paul Andreassen wrote:
> > Any change you could commit http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3578 while
> > you are at it?
> I'm committing some of the changes in that patch, but I discussed with a
> few other people and we weren't sure that the help text for TimeOffset made
> the setting easier to understand. The behaviour of TimeOffset was a little
> clearer, but the purpose of the setting was not. The original help text
> needs some work, so maybe we can work together to improve it.

So its a matter of adding "what is does", to "how it does it".

Adjust each XMLTV time read by mythfilldatabase
After subtracting any XMLTV timezone, add the selected value. 'Auto' subtracts 
any XMLTV timezone, then adds your computer's timezone. 'None' ignores any 
XMLTV timezone, interpreting time as local.

> The other changes were more or less fine.

I believe the attached mythfilldatabase.patch is important to understanding 
what --update does.

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