[mythtv] findid for non-find rules, IsSameProgram checks (help Bruce!)

David Shay david at shay.net
Thu Aug 2 04:39:43 UTC 2007


In doing work on the chanid duplication detection, I came across
something that doesn't seem right that perhaps you can clarify.
Somewhere along the way (I think around changeset 7429?), findid
started to get populated for all rules, not just find rules.  It looks
like with some date value based on the start date of the recording.

So, I recently set up 3 recordings in a test.  2 of those were for the
same show on different chanid's, 1 was for a different show
altogether.  All 3, however, had the same findid, I believe because
they have the same startdate.

All of that is fine (maybe?), but then in IsSameProgram, I think there
might be a problem.  There are 3 checks, then a check for title.  If
it makes it past this logic, as long as the findid's match,
IsSameProgram return's true (line 1393 of programinfo.cpp).  This is
before it does any duplicate checking based on subtitle, etc.  This
just doesn't seem right to me. It would seem that two programs with
different subtitles but the same findid would return true to

Should this findid check be limited to certain find rules?  Am I
missing something in this analysis?

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