[mythtv] MePo-wide 0.3.5 released

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Apr 30 16:14:53 UTC 2007

On 04/30/2007 11:32 AM, David Asher wrote:
> Ok, here's a try.  Again, I applied it from within the MePo-wide
> directory with "patch < MePo_unified.patch".  This has all the changes
> I've babbled about earlier in this thread. 

In truth, what you've uploaded is a "new-style context" diff.  A true 
"unified" diff is created with diff -u.  Old-style or new-style context 
diffs will work with patch (so you don't need to change it), but the 
unified context diff is generally the preferred format for patches 
because they tend to be much smaller than old/new-style context diffs.  
(The old/new-style context diffs tend to be easier for non-programmers 
who aren't familiar with the unified diff format to read, though.  But, 
since you're creating the diff for patch to read...)

My personal favorite incantation is:

diff -Naur original new

However, if you really have binary files that differ, don't use -a (and 
note that the patch may not work reliably).  The -r will get ridd of the 
"Common subdirectories" lines...

Thanks for the patch (and I can confirm it works).  I'll have to try out 
MePo (with and without the patch).  I've been meaning to give it (and 
some of Justin's themes) a try.

I went ahead an included a unified diff for comparison.  Note that the 
unified diff I created is just over half the size of the new-style 
context diff.  (Oh, and the unified patch should be applied from within 
the MePo-wide directory with "patch -Np1 -i ~/MePo-wide-spacing.patch" 
or from within the directory containing the MePo-wide directory with 
"patch -Np0 -i ~/MePo-wide-spacing.patch".  The "-N" just says, warn 
me--and don't do anything--if I've already applied the patch and the 
"-p#" tells patch which directories are important in paths.)

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