[mythtv] [PATCH] Stop automatic shutdown when jobs still pending (or user jobs running)

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Thu Apr 26 01:03:22 UTC 2007

Thanks Chris,

I'll create a revised patch soon.

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> Sorry for not responding to the other thread quickly.  I'm glad you went
> ahead with this.
> Glancing over this, I think that this looks good so far.  I think I would
> like to keep the debug statements in that print out the window start/end
> times.  They will only ever be executed when we run with "-v jobqueue",
> and the settings values are cached, so I think it's OK to change them
> to something like the following instead of removing the start/end times
> from the debug statements:
>     if (print_verbose_messages & VB_JOBQUEUE) {
>         queueStartTimeStr =
>             gContext->GetSetting("JobQueueWindowStart", "00:00");
>         queueEndTimeStr =
>             gContext->GetSetting("JobQueueWindowEnd", "23:59");
>                 QString("Currently set at %1 job(s) max and to run new jobs "
>                         "from %2 to %3").arg(maxJobs).arg(queueStartTimeStr)
>                                         .arg(queueEndTimeStr));
>     }
> That way when running in debug mode we can still see the window times
> even though you've moved out the actual logic into JobQueue::InJobRunWindow().
Re the logging of times, they will be still output at -v jobqueue, 
because I output the times in the new InJobRunWindow() method.

+            QString("Currently set to run new jobs from %1 to %2")
+                    .arg(queueStartTimeStr).arg(queueEndTimeStr));

But I can also, output them in the main job loop too if you like.


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