[mythtv] Ticket #3327: mythweather no longer works due to changes at msnbc

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 26 00:31:12 UTC 2007

Unfortunately I don't think I can blame it on my fingers.  I am using menu to save.

When I watch the database activity I can see it attempts to save.  I can see that inserts are performed into weatherscreens, but ScreenSetup::saveData() (from weatherSetup.cpp) is also suppose to also insert into weatherdatalayout.  This insert does not occur and I suppose this is the reason that the screen settings do not appear to be saved.  I've checked the database, data is inserting correctly into weatherscreens and weathersourcesettings, but nothing is inserted into weatherdatalayout.

I imagine it must be the for statement just before the insert to weatherdatalayout, but haven't quite figured what the code is doing to know what is wrong.  Given that it is performing part of the save, I have to conclude there is some sort of bug related to my setup.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 04:36:42 Bill wrote:
> What SVN are you running?  Problem is that I can't get mythweather-revamp
> to work with 13132 yet so that I can test my script.  It has been tested
> only from the command line.  I can't add screens.  When I do and exit they
> disappear.

The setup for the -revamp is a little confusing and I'll admit that even I 
haven't got it fully working yet. This is obviously something that needs to 
be fixed.

However here is how to get around your particular problem:
1) Select the screens
2) Move to the selected screens list
3) Press select on each screen in the list and a list of options appears, 
select location etc
4) Once complete, press 'Menu' (M) and not Esc

It should really follow the format used elsewhere in mythtv. e.g. Hitting 
a 'Finish' button saves changes. I'm also not 100% happy with the rest of the 
screen selection page, it wasn't clear at all what I was supposed to be 
doing. I think once we've got a default source script in SVN that the screen 
selections should probably be chosen by default as well, so that it works out 
of the box. 
Stuart Morgan
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