[mythtv] ffmpeg sync

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Wed Apr 25 22:17:34 UTC 2007

Mark Spieth wrote:

> however Ive noticed a problem in the preview generator. havent traced it 
> yet. (FE log with playback/libav on)
> The double ringbuffer open is sus. this happened on a newly recorded dvb 
> recording which hadnt been accessed yet. I have preview + preview video 
> enabled in this FE.
> after a killall mythfrontend (2.4 kernel) the next preview was fine (already 
> created of course) and the recording played fine too.
> this changed in the last couple of months, but not sure when and I cant go 
> back as my test machine is live.
> If someone has any ideas on this that may help or remember why they did 
> something, please let me know.
> Ill chase this in the next few days when I have time if no one beats me.

The preview generator has plenty of issues of it's own, regardless of
an ffmpeg sync. I'm fairly sure there is a race in the preview generator
or the handling of the preview generator. As yet it haven't found it.


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