[mythtv] Fwd: Ubuntu Feisty - Weekly builds (and packaging) of trunk

Jose Bernardo Silva jose.bandos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 17:13:10 UTC 2007

What I do is this approach:

sudo apt-get build-dep mythtv mythplugins mythtv-themes
cd "to your build directory"
apt-get source mythtv
apt-get source mythplugins
apt-get source mythtv-themes

This sets up the ubuntu structure. Now all I need to do is to copy the
mythtv/debian dir to where I did the svn checkout, then edit the
debian/changelog (to reflect the svn revision). Then a "fakeroot
debian/rules binary" builds the binary debs. Don't forget to remove
the patches that fail from debian/patches/00list. All you need to do
for mythplugins and mythtv-themes is the same copy of debian.
Also, before doing the next "svn up", don't forget to do a "fakeroot
debian/rules clean".

2007/4/24, Seth Hettich <sjh at zorak.net>:
> On 4/13/07, Tom Metro <tmetro+mythtv-dev at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > This would be ideal. Then 'svn up' is all that is needed to keep the
> > working directory in sync, and running some automated script builds a
> > package. One more command and it is installed. Another packaging command
> > to uninstall and revert to a release version.
> >
> > I would assume the package maintainers already have scripts for doing
> > this. Are they not already included in the project repository?
> >
> >
> > > I don't know if you can actually build a debian source package that
> > > leaves out the pristine source code, though.
> >
> > If what you're really doing is automating the building of the package
> > from the working directory, then in actuality you're just building a
> > traditional binary package.
> I too would love to have an easy way to build packages out of HEAD for
> my own use.  That way I can stay close enough to HEAD to submit bugs
> but still keep my system fairly standard (and be able to "upgrade" to
> the real release when it comes out).
> Is there any news on this?
> -Seth
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