[mythtv] H.264 Video Phone + Myth?

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Apr 25 15:33:58 UTC 2007

Nathan Allen Stratton wrote:
> I am looking for a few people who are interested in modifying MythTV to
> work in a video phone application. Since there is no way we can ever run
> something like the MythTV frontend run directly on the video phone the
> plan is to output myth to xbuffer that is converted to an H.264 RTP
> stream. The menu would be controlled from the phone via DTMF keys that
> would be sent to myth. We already have a SIP H.264 video server that
> streams content, but I think modifying myth to work as the menuing system
> makes a lot of sense, it also gives us access to some nice mythplugins.
> There is a lot of extra things with Myth that are not needed and I don't
> know how well it will scale, but I think it would be faster then starting
> from scratch.
> If there is anyone who is interested in working on this full or part time
> please let me know.

Would you not be better integrating the Network Control aspect of Myth
to your phone and then just doing the Streaming when you need to? Seems
like taking the whole UI of Myth onto a phone is counter productive. You
could just write a lite app that lists the relevent info and lets you
select streams... Certainly I doubt the ability to go through the whole
config interface would *ever* be used on a phone and I'd imagine there
are lots of other things you'd want to do differently for a small screen
UI too.

Just my thoughts on the matter which are 100% not thought through ;)



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