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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Apr 23 23:12:27 UTC 2007

Isaac Richards wrote:
> Most of the 'OpenGL stuff' is all abstracted away from the developer by 
> libmythui - since we still need to support non-OGL GUIs..  And _most_ of the 
> base mythui code is essentially finished.  The major task remaining to update 
> the UI is to convert all the various screens/dialogs over to use mythui.  
> It's a lot of work, but fairly straightforward.  I just haven't had any free 
> time at all in the past few months to work on things.

A perhaps naive question due to lack of knowledge but I presume the
current "fading" effect could relatively easily be replace with a fast
slide to the left with the new screen sliding in from the right to
replace it? I'd guess that was your goal and the fading was a nice easy
one to start with?

If so, does libmythui also support a reverse transition? e.g. at the
moment to go into a menu it fades and to come out of a menu it fades.
e.g. it is the same forwards as backwards. But if it were to slide, then
the back effect would have to be different - e.g. into a menu is sliding
right to left but out of a menu is left to right...

Just a passing thought as I wonder sleepily to bed ;)



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