[mythtv] Could/should the shutdown command be kept locally?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 01:20:12 UTC 2007

On 4/22/07, Michał Sawicz <michal at sawicz.net> wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
> >    I'm assuming that the shutdown command is being kept in the backend
> > server. Should it or could it be kept in the frontend instead?
> I believe you're saying that it is kept in the database - it is, but
> frontends can't run without the db so there's no difference. You could
> try to modify your boot params so that the frontend would try to start a
> few times, and if failed, halt the machine... 'Though I'm not sure if
> the frontend crashes when it can't connect to the db or does it just
> assume that it's not configured yet...
> --
> Pozdrawiam,
> Michał Sawicz

Right. To me being able to gracefully shut down a computer is sort of
a 'must have' feature so that users don't damage a machine by pulling
the power plug. Since this command is kept on another machine then if
the network connection is bad or the backend database is down for some
reason the machine ceases to be very 'graceful'.

I don't personally think the boot param path will be robust enough.
What if the machine boots and connects but then the backend goes down
later? That happens a lot when things like mythcommflag crash the
backend and leaves us not being able to shut down the front end.
Probably happens once a week around here.

Anyway, I'm not a developer. Just wanted to report the issue/idea and
hope that maybe someone would see some value in it.


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