[mythtv] mythtv guide (web) suggestion: actual recording times

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sat Apr 21 01:15:09 UTC 2007

In order to see why shows are conflicting can you show actual recording 
time in TV guide. When I have specified end-late=10 mins can you put a 
"extended box" to show recording time when you hover over program.
ie currently the bounding box is the scheduled times which is ok, but 
for hover over can you create an overlapped box which shows actually 
recording times
Also can you show Tuner number too on that hover over box, I know its on 
the Upcoming screen but I find my self looking at the Guide screen as 
its easier to work out the show times when they are overlapping.
eg if show is 7:30-8:30pm but I have added 10mins it should expand to 


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