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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Apr 20 22:47:30 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff wrote:
> I think Peter's smooth scrolling has to do with scrolling pages of
> lists (and yes, smooth scrolling in this sense would be nice, or you
> could set your repeat rate lower so it scrolls slower, because really,
> thats all smooth scrolling is, a slower scroll.
> As for Justin's version, its more of a side scrolling, and I
> completely agree that it would be a great feature, especially in
> MythMusic. Now we wait for Isaac to get back to playing with the eye
> candy stuff =)

Yes both of these things would be great IMO. I know it's not the most
important feature in terms of the core functionality of myth but these
are the kind of things that I was referring to when I brought up Apple's
TV product. Judging by the pace of Apple developments it wont be long
before they add new features. I'm never going to be a Mac/Apple user and
am a die hard Myth fan for many reasons beyond the fact that it actually
works very well, but in terms of first impressions to people who have
never seen it before, myth has very much lost the edge. If we want to
encourage Myths take up and use, then the eye candy part is quite
important. This has been highlighted to me over the past year as I've
been involved in the compiz/beryl community and have seen first hand how
quickly that community has built up. I totally agree that eyecandy is
not really where the core focus should be for myth but I really wish
someone had the time for some UI love (I unf. don't at the moment, nor
do I really have the skills). I'm not talking about themes I'm talking
about the general smoothness of the UI that the themes can leverage.

I don't want to rant as I'm genuinely not trying to complain. I just
want to express how important I feel this kind of thing is to people and
to the first impression of Myth as a whole.... it just goes back to the
old cooking cliché.. "The first bite is with the eye" - e.g.
presentation is important.



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