[mythtv] Temporary Suspension of Trac Ticket Comments

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Apr 20 22:31:57 UTC 2007

Stuart Morgan wrote:
> On Thursday 19 April 2007 00:56:38 Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:
>> Just to throw it out there, how about requiring all ticket
>> filers/commentators to register a trac account ? Ala how most bugzilla
>> implementations do it. Or is this a trac thing ?
> That's been floated in the past. Trac doesn't have such functionality by 
> default, however I did write a plugin to allow it - Isaac just never got 
> around to using it and/or had a change of mind.

I helped to configure the beryl trac to accept user logins... worked
well for what it's worth.



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